Docsvision PlatformWe help manage documents and business processes

Docsvision is a fully fledged EDMS/ECM platform which helps implement the most versatile solutions to automate business workflows and documentation processing.

Docsvision 5.5 — EDMS/ECM platform for today's needs

docsvision 5.5

The most advanced technologies right out of the box

Docsvision 5.5 outperforms all previous versions because it's a modern ECM system in every sense of the word. You will be able to store all digital content of your company and also manage documents and processes on a single platform.

White Paper Docsvision in english
White Paper Docsvision in english

Rapid adoption

20 years of the platform development and 1 500 successful implementations allow us to automate document workflows and business processes quickly based on ready-to-use solutions.

Docsvision ready-to-use solutions
Docsvision ready-to-use solutions
Low Code technology

No coding

Create new widgets or modify the existing ones without writing any program code. The system offers 10 visual builders: for cards, approvals, business processes, reference books, and more.

Lightweight mobile UI

Docsvision's web client is always ready to help: highlight entry fields, show suggestions, move focus to the active UI control, display a brief summary of your assignments or even handle a document or task for you in the background.

Docsvision english web and mobile interfaces
Docsvision english web and mobile interfaces

100 000+ users like a charm!

With Docsvision, you will be able to create distributed solutions for up to 100 000 simultaneous users and ensure smooth integration with various IT systems adopted at your company.


The best alternative to foreign solutions

Officially recognized as 100% Russian corporate-level software — our company is a member of the Association of Russian Software Developers "National Software"

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