BURGER RUS LLC (Burger King franchisee)

  • Moscow
  • Food industry
  • Year of project launch: 2017
Project description

About 500 restaurants of BURGER RUS LLC (Burger King franchisee) have replaced Excel reports and paper documents with digital "document cards" in Docsvision.

The company wanted to prevent document losses, simplify the document exchange among restaurants and the reporting form itself, and eventually make the employees more productive. Digital Design, an IT integrator, proposed to implement Docsvision as the EDMS. BURGER RUS reviewed the platform capabilities and decided to test how the implementation of this EDMS may optimize business processes within a pilot project.

The pilot project covered 25 restaurants in the Republic of Tatarstan where we implemented the EDMS based on Docsvision 5.4. To address the needs of BURGER RUS, the specialists of Digital Design introduced a "document card" — a register into which restaurant employees could "pack" and then send documents for approval to the head office. This made the work in the system convenient and simple, while also preventing any document losses on the tested site.

"We needed a continuous feedback to implement the project successfully. At the pilot stage, we managed to adjust the system based on feedbacks from employees and eliminate all detected inconveniences and issues. That's why the next stage, scaling, was completed very quickly", said Alexey Pavlov, Project Manager on Digital Design's side.

Automation not only accelerated the document exchange, but also made it more reliable, transparent and manageable.

"Burger King is a fast-growing chain: we may have 500 restaurants today and 600 tomorrow. Lots of restaurants and vast geography made the document flow a kind of challenge for us: sending documents across Russia took quite a long time and sometimes led to document losses. In order to make the document transfer to the head office more transparent and also prevent any document losses, we decided to deploy Docsvision — a convenient, modern and high-performance system", said Maxim Sharapov, Deputy IT Director at BURGER RUS LLC. "Thanks to the specialists of Digital Design, we gained full control over the registry of outgoing documents to guarantee their safe delivery to the head office from the test site and then quickly scaled this solution to our restaurants across the whole country."  

One of the reasons for choosing Docsvision was its architecture which allows to easily scale up to a larger number of offices or users, thereby keeping the system efficient even with much larger volumes of documents. Today, restaurants of BURGER RUS LLC send up to 30,000 documents a month on average, but in 2018, when the remaining 600 restaurants are included in the electronic document flow, the number of documents will increase.

In addition, the modular principle of the platform architecture will help us enhance functionality of the EDMS. According to Anton Tatarintsev, Head of the Business Process Department, BURGER RUS is going to implement the next stages and integrate Docsvision with the company's ERP system.

Digital Design
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