T-Systems RUS LLC

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Telecommunications
  • Year of project launch: 2015
Additional information

T-Systems, as a strategic business unit of Deutsche Telekom, implements and manages information and communication technologies (ICT) via its global infrastructure of data centers and networks. T-Systems operates in all industries: automotive industry, telecommunications, finance, retail, services, media, energy, mechanical engineering, government agencies, and healthcare. The company has 52,000 employees in 20 countries worldwide who provide high-quality services based on their knowledge and IT innovations. Revenues of Deutsche Telekom reached EUR 62.7 billion in 2014. T-Systems has been operating in Russia since 1995. Today, its Russian division is headquartered in Moscow, with branch offices in Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Voronezh. T-Systems specializes in the software development, software support, and telecommunications.

Project description

Implementation of the automated contractual documentation approval system based on Docsvision in the Russian division of T-Systems. As a result, the contract workflow process has become much more transparent and fast thanks to parallel processing of documents.

The prerequisites for the system implementation were as follows:

  • Take into account the complexities of the contract workflow in Russia;
  • Make the contract workflow process more transparent and improve the labor discipline;
  • Implement the common working approaches for contractual documents across the company;
  • Ensure stringent compliance with deadlines and their approval;
  • Set up an archive of contractual documents.

The project results were as follows: 40% faster processing of contractual documents on average (thanks to parallel processing). Better control and traceability of the contractual process across the company along with quick search for contractual documents.

Today, almost 100% of contractual documents are processed in the EDMS. All departments participating in the approval of documents use the system, while the company's executives conveniently work with the EDMS via Docsvision's email client.

The project was initiated by the company's legal department which set forth the key requirements to the automated contract approval system, and these requirements were successfully implemented on Docsvision. Today, all the trained employees efficiently use the solution in the contract approval process. In less than half-year (since July 2015), 3,200+ assignments were completed in the system.

Aside from Deutsche Telekom's corporate requirements, we had to take into account the stringent requirements to contracts according to the Russian laws (currencies, taxes, personal data protection, etc.) that force various departments of T-Systems to participate in the contract approval process. Parallel processing of documents made it possible to handle all such complexities of the document workflow.

In addition to the core functionality for contracts, we also implemented reports on how users work in the EDMS, i.e. reports on the number of assignments and on approval deadlines. These reports are sent to users on a monthly basis as incentive to improve the labor discipline further. In addition, there is a convenient notification system for employees who fail to comply with the deadlines.

The company's executives don't use the system every day, but stay involved in the teamwork through Docsvision's email client, which allows them to approve documents by email even without launching Navigator, the virtual workplace in the system. Each assignment from Docsvision looks like a regular email that can be either "approved" or "declined" when a management decision is necessary. When the recipient responds to such an email, his/her decision will be accounted in the system and sent to the contract initiator.

The Docsvision-based approval system has become a convenient processing tool for contracts across the company and has greatly improved the labor discipline regarding documents. The solution is used by employees of Moscow and Saint Petersburg divisions of T-Systems.

It took 3 months to complete the implementation project for Docsvision 5.3.

Anton Chistyakov, Project Manager at T-Systems:

"We decided to choose Docsvision due for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons was the ready-to-use software that we could use to create a solution in accordance with our needs. Yet another important reason was the embedded email client allowing to work in the system. The project helped us make our contractual activities more transparent and successfully implement digital regulations for contract processing. Having a fully fledged electronic document management platform allows us to develop and enhance the functionality of the corporate document management system step by step."

Mikhail Tikhonov, Project Manager at Docsvision: "The concept implemented in the Contracts application and the Approval Constructor module appeared to be very efficient for this project. We managed to adapt the system easily as part of the business process at T-Systems without any modifications to the products we use."

Docsvision Docsvision develops its own platform called Docsvision which is designed for the documentation and business process management.