• Moscow
  • Banking and finance
  • Year of project launch: 2017
Project description

The Raiffeisen Life insurance company decided to automate its contract approval process and align it with the internal regulations at the end of 2017. Achieving higher efficiency and time savings was the primary goal of the project.

Today, all Raiffeisen Life's employees use the Docsvision-based solution, and all approvals — not only contracts, but also orders along with regulatory and basic documentation — are carried out in this system. During the project, the existing array of documents containing 100,000+ cards and tasks was successfully migrated from SharePoint to Docsvision. Integration of Docsvision with 1C allows to control the budget for the contracts being approved, while integration with the company's CRM helps centralize the complete information about communications with customers. Project's partner: BTLab.

About the company

The Raiffeisen Life insurance company guarantees financial safety, stability and well-being of its customers. For the past 10 years, the company has created a reliable and high-quality life and health insurance coverage for borrowers. According to the Expert RA rating agency, Raiffeisen Life has very high financial reliability ("ruААА").

Project launch and goals

  • When the project started, the company didn't have any established workflows and lacked clearly defined procedures for accounting, registration, approval, and execution of contracts, agreements, and amendments. Approval of documents looked chaotic, and the costs of contracts being approved weren't manageable.
  • Incoming and outgoing documentation could be approved only via MS SharePoint, thereby leading to significant limitation and time expenditures, since there wasn't any support of attachments and structured document cards.

Project implementation

Docsvision outperformed 3 other bidding participants and was selected for implementation. BTLab, a Moscow-based company and one of the key partners of Docsvision, was assigned to be the integrator in this project. BTLab, as Docsvision's Gold Partner, has been successfully implementing and supporting electronic document management systems for many years. BTLab specialists conducted a pre-design survey, set up a test environment and clearly demonstrated that Docsvision meets all the key business requirements.

October 2017 - Implementation launch. The core idea behind the project was to organize the unified electronic data storage and advanced automatic routing of documents among employees.

o    Data upload from legacy systems and Excel spreadsheets to Docsvision was implemented;

o    Approval of contracts was set up;

o    Approval of regulatory documents/orders was implemented;

o    Processing of incoming/outgoing documents was automated.

By February 2019 , all divisions of the company have been covered by the system, since all of them participate in the contract approval process.

o    All the contractual workflow processes were elaborated and automated;

o    Tasks are now automatically distributed among employees depending on their current workload and specialization;

o    Docsvision was integrated with the company's existing systems: 1С and BPM’online (CRM).

Unique developments

  • Budget approval for the contracts being approved in Docsvision via 1C. At the certain stage, a request is sent to the financial department directly from the contract card in Docsvision, and the contract approval process will continue only after budget confirmation.
  • Migration of the entire array of incoming/outgoing documents (100,000+ cards and tasks).
  • Integration with BPM’online (CRM) to display all incoming/outgoing documents of a given customer on the customer’s card in CRM and centralize all the information about communications with the customer.

Implementation benefits

  • The workflow was migrated to the unified system; a single structured data storage with the convenient search functionality was created; risks of unauthorized access to information or its loss were minimized;
  • Forms and processes for document handling were unified;
  • Time expenditures and labor costs for document handling were reduced;
  • The labor discipline was improved through transparent control; the quality of audits (internal and external) was increased;
  • Control over planning and spending of the budget was introduced thanks to the integration with 1C.

The project is maintained and supported by the in-house IT specialists of Raiffeisen Life and by specialists from the partner company. The system is continuously modified to meet fast-changing business needs.

Project fact sheet

  • 200,000+ incoming/outgoing documents and tasks in the system
  • 1,000+ contractual and regulatory documents

  • "Classic" workflow (paperwork).
  • Contract management.
  • HR records keeping.
  • Legal documentation workflows and integration with legal documentation workflow operators.
  • Advanced tools to control the labor discipline of employees.
  • Electronic archives and input data streaming tools.
  • Updating Docsvision to the latest version and migration of custom features.
  • Migration of data to Docsvision from other EDMSes implemented on various platforms.
  • Advanced Docsvision administration tools.
  • Automatic creation of documents based on templates.

Integration of Docsvision with 3rd party systems: Any configurations based on the 1C platform;

  • Microsoft software products (Dynamics AX, SharePoint, etc.);
  • Legal documentation workflow operators;
  • Integration modules of any complexity.
  • Turnkey Docsvision implementation: Analytical inspection;
  • Re-engineering of business processes for document handling;
  • Creation of design documentation;
  • Adaptation of the standard Docsvision functionality to business requirements and development of unique applied solutions based on Docsvision;
  • Training of users, administrators and developers to work in Docsvision;
  • Follow-up of test operation of the EDMS.
  • Provision of the reliable enterprise-level service for technical support of Docsvision-based applied solutions.
  • Provision of all levels of technical support.